The Bryan Ramp Therapeutic Night Guard™ is a major advancement
over conventional night guards:
- Made of non-allergenic materials
- Custom made device
- Minimal chair time involved
- Safe and effective
- Exceptional patient compliance acceptance
- Long lasting
- Often covered by dental insurance
The Bryan Ramp will fit snugly on the upper teeth and not dislodge easily.

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- Bruxism, clenching
- Wear facets, fractured teeth, abfurcation, sensitivity
- Headaches, facial pain, cervical neck pain
- Maxillary and mandibular tori
- Overbite, crowded dentation
- Limited opening (under 40mm)
- Snoring, mouth breathing
- Morning vertigo
- Crossbite
- Post TMJ night guard

- Eliminate or reduce muscle tension
- Reduce parafunction
- Decrease excessive tooth wear
- Provide a stable jaw position
- Provide correct tongue position
- Provide a comfortable night guard
- Improve sleep and reduce daytime somnolence
- High compliance rate
- Decrease morning vertigo

Your office will need to provide:
1 - Maxillary and Mandibular impressions
2 - Bite registration of the functional anterior bite position (see technical overview)
3 - Minimal adjustment at delivery

Johns Dental Lab accepts Digital Bites ...
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For other scanners Please send .stl files to

For questions please call Johns at 800-457-0504

No advanced TMD or craniofacial pain experience necessary to routinely utilize the Bryan Ramp in your practice.

By eliminating this primary etiology we can mitigate the cascading events that lead to TMD

See what patients say about the Bryan Ramp.

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Introduction to the Bryan Ramp. (3:20)

Symptoms (5:26).

Measuring the bite. (3:16)

Delivering the Bryan Ramp. (3:38)

Need password access to our videos? Contact us at (574)304-0077 or email