What Patients Say

The Bryan Ramp is fantastic! I wear it to eliminate my joint and muscle pain. ... The greatest feature is the ramp. It keeps me out of traumatic occlusion at night and pain free! I have not been able to accomplish this with other appliances.
---Jeff G., DDS

I’m loving it! Truly loving it! It feels natural in my mouth. Before I got up I was actually thinking if there was a fire I would take my mouthguard, iPhone and purse. The Bryan Ramp gets a 6 out of 5 stars from me!
--June B.

I was one of the first to use the Bryan Ramp 10 years ago. It has been life changing. I can't sleep without it.

The Bryan Ramp has been comfortable and I have noticed significant help with clenching and less muscle soreness

The Bryan Ramp has been very easy to wear and after a couple nights I had no muscle tension.

I would highly recommend the Bryan Ramp. It is comfortable and protects my teeth.

I wear the Bryan Ramp because I grind my teeth. I have no issues wearing the appliance. The Bryan Ramp is very comfortable.

I wear the Bryan Ramp because I clench and I would highly recommend wearing this nightguard

I sometimes forget to take it out in the morning! It makes a big difference as my morning neck pain is gone!

I was getting regular headaches/migranes and a sore jaw. I was attributing the headaches to other lifestyle factors, but it was not until wearing the nightguard that the headaches stopped.

The nightguard is very comfortable. It was easy to get used to and I quickly developed the need to have it installed to go to sleep. It helps with my grinding and snoring.

No more neck and shoulder pain!

I wear the Bryan Ramp because I clench my teeth at night.

I wear the Bryan Ramp because of my vertigo and within 2 1/2 weeks I'm seeing improvement.

The Bryan Ramp has decreased my facial tension and headaches. 'I don't even know I'm wearing it'.

I like the ramp addition. I cracked a crown without it and now my teeth don't have a chance to touch during the night.